People Who Swear by God Scare Me

We need be very careful how we use God’s name. So many use it as a curse word. Others use it as an oath. The following quote can shed some light on oath swearers.

“Whenever I utter the formula “I swear by God,” I am really saying, “Now I’m going to mark off an area of absolute truth and put walls around it to cut it off from the muddy floods of untruthfulness and irresponsibility that ordinarily overruns my speech.” In fact, I am saying even more than this. I am saying that people are expecting me to lie from the start. And just because they are counting on my lying I have to bring up these big guns of oaths and words of honor.” - Helmut Thielicke, Life Can Begin Again.

So, people who swear by God’s name know that they are liars and cannot be trusted. This scares me because knowing that they are a liar, and know that the person they are talking to knows they are a liar, they do not repent. Instead they cast the lie off on someone else’s name. The name they choose to malign with there lie is God. By this they become liars and blasphemers.

That is a scary place to be…

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