The titles of God are virtually promises, when he is called a sun, a shield, a strong tower, a hiding-place, a portion. The titles of Christ—light of the world, bread of life, the way, truth, and life; the titles of the Spirit—the Spirit of truth, of holiness, of glory, of grace, and supplication, the sealing, witnessing Spirit; faith may conclude as much out of these as out of promises.
He who runs from God in the morning will hardly find him at the close of the day; nor will he who begins with the world and the vanities thereof, in the first place, be very capable of walking with God all the day after. It is he who finds God in his closet that will carry the savor of him into his house, his shop, and his more open conversation.
Since death is nothing more than the end of life, it is certain that all who live well to the end, die well; nor can he die ill, who has never lived ill; as, on the other hand, he who has never led a good life, cannot die a good death.